BS-VI Yamaha bikes to cost 15 per cent more in India

Every company is on a tight schedule owing to the BS-VI norms. Yamaha India too is prepping for these upcoming norms. While no two-wheeler maker has openly commented on the cost aspect of BS-VI vehicles, Yamaha has issued a statement on the same. The company says that the switch to BS-Vi for its vehicles should happen way before the April 2020 deadline. In fact, its motorcycles will be the early adopters, starting as early as November 2019 while the scooters will begin from January 2020.

Yamaha also said that the switch to BS-VI will mean a 10-15 per cent hike in prices of its vehicles. BS-VI implementation requires the use of fuel injection system and this is costly. Yamaha says that to offset this cost, the company will bring in side stand kill switches. These will ensure that the motorcycle cannot be started unless the side stand is up. There will be a few more value additions and we believe these could be power sockets. With this, Yamaha aims to negate the rising costs thereby providing the customer with a value-for-money proposition.

The Yamaha bikes which will easily meet the BS-VI norms include the R15, MT-15, FZ series and the Fazer. All these run fuel injectors. The SZ150 and other 110, 125cc vehicles may have a steeper cost curve. Ditto for the scooters that all run on carburettors. However, the addition of fuel injection systems should make them a bit more fun to ride with a direct throttle response. With BS-VI coming in, there will be less pollutants as well as emissions. This will ensure that the air we breathe in is much more cleaner.

In a few days, we will likely hear announcements from many other companies about their BS-VI plans. Now is the right time to pick a two-wheeler as BS-Vi will make them very costly.

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