Bajaj Urbanite scooter spotted testing in India

Well, you read it right! After announcing earlier this year that there will be a new Bajaj scooter on the anvil, the first prototype has been spotted testing in India. The Bajaj Urbanite scooter was spotted in Pune doing its test rounds. Bajaj Auto CEO, Rajiv Bajaj was specific in his press con a few months ago that he wants something which is extraordinary. It will be not your regular stuff. The first look of the scooter in these shots suggest that Bajaj is sticking to his words.

Bajaj Urbanite details

Unfortunately, apart from the silhouette, nothing much can be gleaned from the spy images. For example, the scooter is expected to sport a retro look. It will also have cool looking mirrors. Moreover, the scooter will not have a conventional engine. Instead, an electric powertrain could make its way. How do we know this? There is no exhaust system in place. Given that the new FAME II scheme is conducive to electric vehicles, the Urbanite makes sense.

Bajaj Urbanite scooter

Expect the scooter to have a top speed of 70kmph with a range of 100km on a single charge. Knowing Bajaj Auto, the company will also provide a fast charging option. This will significantly cut down on the charging time.

This new Bajaj Urbanite scooter will most likely be launched later this year. While the company may not be expecting great volumes, it is likely that the scooter will be priced very competitively. The performance may be in the Ather space but then the price will be like an Okinawa. Typical Bajaj!

Image: Teambhp

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