Bajaj Qute launched in India at Rs 2.63 lakh

Bajaj Auto has launched its Quadricycle in India. The Bajaj Qute price in India is Rs 2.63 lakh for the petrol and Rs 2.83 lakh for the CNG, ex-showroom. The Qute has been on sale in few European countries from the last two years. However, the Indian norms related to a quadricycle were recently updated and hence the Qute can now be registered in India as a commercial as well as passenger vehicle. Bookings have started already through the Bajaj Auto commercial dealerships in India.

Bajaj Qute details, please!

Bajaj Qute

The Bajaj Qute or RE60 as it was called before, is essentially a 4-door vehicle. It is no substitute for a car but then has features that more or less are being offered in the era gone by. The vehicle is a mid-way between your traditional autorickshaw and a car. However while the smallest of cars like the Kwid may be more than 3m in length, the Qute is only 2,752mm long. Moreover, the Qute occupies only as much space as the autorickshaw on the road.

Bajaj Qute

This is the very idea that Bajaj is promoting. It wants to give the target audience a great intra-city mobility choice. While autorickshaws are a bit uncomfortable, unsafe as well as not for private registration, the Qute is the opposite of all this, says Bajaj. The Qute doesn’t come with an airconditioner and the only option is to slide open the windows to let air come in. A music player is part of the optional equipment. There is a digital speedometer which showcases the gear selected as well. The Qute is a 4-seater and has enough space for all the occupants.

There are a few storage spaces including the double lockable gloveboxes and some place to keep a few bags behind the seats. The boot itself cannot be opened while the hood of the vehicle is good to store a bag. Reminds you of the Nano? It pretty much is the same.

Engine and transmission?

Bajaj has made use of a 216cc, liquid-cooled, DTS-i engine in the Qute. This one produces 13.2PS and 18.9Nm in petrol mode while the CNG variant makes lower numbers at 11PS/16.1Nm. Sounds underpowered, isn’t it? Factor in the Qute’s 452kg kerb weight for the petrol and 504kg for the CNG and you will realise that this engine makes sense. The transmission is a 5-speed sequential box, mounted on the dashboard. To make an upshift, push the lever ahead and to downshift, pull behind. The Qute is a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Bajaj Qute
Bajaj Qute

In terms of efficiency, the Bajaj Qute delivers 35kmpl on petrol and will run 45km on a kilogram of CNG. The CNG tank is 35 litres in capacity and sits under the front seats.

Are there any safety features?

The Qute runs all-wheel drum brakes. Yes, there are no discs upfront. Bajaj claims that for the limited 70kmph top speed, the drums are sufficient. There are no airbags as well. Why then is the Qute allowed to ply on our roads, you may ask. That’s because the Qute isn’t a car and doesn’t fall under the safety norms for new cars. Bajaj says that the Qute has been subjected to frontal crash tests at 35kmph and it has cleared those.

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