Bajaj Pulsar 180 street fighter model discontinued in India

Bajaj Pulsar 180 street fighter

It has been in existence right from the year 2001. It was sold at a slight premium to the P150 but boasted a whole lot more power and hooliganism was guaranteed. But now, it looks like the time has come for the P180 to be relegated to oblivion. At least in the street fighter form. Yes, unfortunately the Bajaj Pulsar 180 street fighter has now been discontinued. A few dealers we spoke to, confirmed that the 180 is no longer available and production has stopped two months ago. These dealers say that they still have a few stocks of the Bajaj Pulsar 180 street fighter left. If you choose this model, you get discounts as well.

What next after the Bajaj Pulsar 180 street fighter?

All though is not lost. Bajaj is using the same engine in the Pulsar 180F or 180 Neon as they like to call it on the official website (not been updated from ages). The Bajaj Pulsar 180F price in India is Rs 86,490 ex-Dombivli. It gets a 220-like styling and also boasts the Neon graphics. There is also an underbelly exhaust on offer as well. In the engine department, the Bajaj P180F doesn’t get any significant updates on the face of it. However, according to Bajaj’s website, the engine now gets two additional valves. Power and torque from the 176.8cc, air-cooled engine is 17.02PS and 14.22Nm. The gearbox is a 5-speed unit.

There are disc brakes on both ends. However, since the bike was launched before the norms kicked in, there is no ABS on offer. Reports and reviews on the internet say that the engine runs much smoother and aerodynamics too have improved largely. What’s not appreciable is the fairing mounted mirrors that don’t offer good rear view vision. The beam from the projector headlight is as good as the one on the 220F.

Bajaj has also pulled the plug on the Avenger 180. This decision though was something that we all knew was coming. After all, there is a Avenger 160 expected soon and that will not only offer similar performance but will also cost less.

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