Bajaj Platina with Anti Skid Braking launched in India at Rs 49,300

Bajaj Auto is quick to respond to new government norms. In fact, many a time you will notice them work around loop holes too. Most of the Bajaj 110 and 125cc motorcycles don’t have an All Time Headlamp On (AHO) feature. This is something that the government had mandated. Instead, Bajaj has chosen to give its smaller capacity motorcycles a bright DRL. This ensures the purpose behind the mandate  -visibility. With the government set to bring in new ABS and CBS laws by April 2019, it is but natural that Bajaj has got something in its mind. A Bajaj Platina with Anti Skid Braking (ASB) has been launched in India at Rs 49,300, ex-Delhi. The motorcycle is being rolled out in a phased manner all over the country.

Bajaj Platina

Is the Bajaj Platina with Anti Skid Braking different than the regular motorcycle?

First up, the regular motorcycle will soon cease production. Secondly, the only difference between both is ASB as well as the price. The Bajaj Platina with Anti Skid Braking is priced around Rs 1,900 more than the regular Platina. Bajaj has used its own term here. The ASB works in the same fashion as the CBS, which in turn ensures that 40 per cent of the front brake comes in to play when the rear is applied. This ensures that there are less chances of skidding as well as wheel lock. It also enables shorter braking distances. However, it is no substitute for pure old ABS and there are still chances of the wheel locking under hard braking.

The Platina uses a 130mm and 110mm drum brakes at the front and rear respectively. A telescopic front fork and gas charged rear spring-in-spring at the back handle suspension duties. The engine too has been left untinkered. The 115cc engine has a SOHC configuration, is air-cooled and boasts two spark plugs. It produces 8.6PS of power and 9.81Nm of torque. A 4-speed all-down pattern gearbox is used too.

The Bajaj Platina Anti Skid Braking will compete with the TVS Radeon. The latter also gets its own version of CBS, called Sync Braking System or SBS. Currently, these are the two bikes in the segment that offer this feature.

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