Avan Trend-E electric scooter unveiled in India

Avan Motors Limited, a Bengaluru-based setup (that’s where all the start-ups are from) has unveiled its new scooter at the ongoing expo. The Avan Trend-E electric scooter will be on sale shortly. It is an all-new scooter and has been developed ground-up by Avan Motors.

Avan Trend-E

What’s new in the Avan Trend-E scooter?

The scooter has a simple design and at first glance it is hard to tell that this is an e-scooter. Not only this, the Avan Trend-E scooter gets a hydraulic front suspension and a monoshock at the rear. There is a disc brake in the front and a drum at the rear. As of now, there is no information if this has a combi-braking system or not. Alloys wheels are available too. Avan Motors says that the maximum payload that this scooter can take is 150kg.

Avan Trend-E

As far as its most important hardware goes, the Trend-E gets a Li-ion battery pack. This allows the scooter to travel 60km on a full charge. Avan also provides for a secondary battery that nearly doubles the range. Charge time taken by each battery is around 2-4 hrs. These batteries are easily detachable too. The top speed, as claimed by Avan Motors, is 45kmph.

Avan Trend-E

The company also offers two other electric scooters – the Xero and Xero+. Speaking about the new unveil, Pankaj Tiwari, business development head, Avan Motors, commented, “With the Trend E, the latest electric scooter in the Xero series, Avan Motors’ extensive R&D has led to the creation of a scooter that’s a powerful mix of technology and design to meet the needs of the modern rider. Every feature in the Trend E scooter has been added after careful consideration of the requirements and preferences of riders, in order to facilitate a superlative commuting experience. With Higher ground clearance, Lithium-ion detachable Battery pack & its trendy looks, the scooter has attained the best in class features. Moreover, our e-scooters are being regarded across the industry for their combination of aesthetic and technological brilliance, and we are confident that the customers too will appreciate all that the Trend E has to offer.”

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