Audi Lifetime Value Services launched with extended warranty and roadside assistance

After launching their first all-new product in quite sometime, Audi India is now looking to enhance the after sales aspect of its cars. Audi has now rolled out a new Audi Lifetime Value Services initiative. This one has got a host of options like extended warranty can be topped up till seventh year. Customers can extend their warranty once the standard one has expired – within 15 days of expiration (on or before). The odometer reading though has to be less than or equal to one lakh kilometers. For customers who are already on an extended warranty, they can extend them till the seventh year.

Audi Lifetime Value Services launched
If your warranty has already expired, worry not. Audi India has got a Anytime Extended Warranty package that should help you out. One year extended warranty is possible for those customers who aren’t on an active warranty. This though is applicable only between the third and sixth year. The vehicle will also be evaluated by the Audi service team while the odo kilometers have to be less than one lakh kilometers, to be enrolled into this. Audi says that a customer can extend up to the seventh year if they want.

As far as service goes, customers can now purchase the Comprehensive Service Plan until the 20th month of their vehicle ownership. Audi says that this service package covers all mechanical parts failure. However, batteries and tyres are excluded. Audi’s roadside assistance now covers the lifetime of the vehicle, at least as far as a car’s life is considered in Delhi. Jokes aside, the roadside assistance is extended up to 11 years. For additional details on the price and availability, one needs to contact their nearest Audi dealer.
Audi’s competitors like Mercedes-Benz as well as BMW already have varied service plans for their customers. One of BMW’s plans also covers the tyres and consumables.

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