Ather Series 1 Collector’s Edition unveiled; features, specs

Ather, which started with its new scooter launch in 2018, has brought in a collector’s edition version. The Ather Series1 Collector’s Edition scooter has been unveiled. Boy, it does look gorgeous. If you’re wondering that you can lay your hands on one, then we are sorry. The Series 1 has already been sold out. The scooter was available to only those who had pre-booked the Ather 450X before the launch earlier this year. As can be seen from the images, the Collector’s Edition has got translucent body panels. These make it not only eye-catching but also unique in the Indian scooter industry. One can also see the trellis frame. Deliveries of the scooter will start from November. Customers in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Coimbatore, Kozhikode, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai will get the scooter.

Ather Series1 Collector's Edition

What powers the Ather Series1 Collector’s Edition?

The aforementioned customers get their scooters with black panels initially. However, an option to upgrade to translucent panels will be given from May 2021. A glossy metallic black paint scheme differentiates the Ather Series1 Collector’s Edition from the rest of the ilk. There are also the red accents. One can also notice the same paint scheme on the touchscreen instrument console.


Coming to the powertrain, it is the same as on the 450X. This means 6kW motor that produces 26Nm. There is also the claim of 0-40kmph in just 3.3s. If you scoff at this number, then let us remind you that it is indeed a big thing in the scooter world. A Warp mode too is available with this scooter that gives one the sense of speed. In Eco mode, the scooter will do 85km whereas the top speed overall is 80kmph. It takes 3hrs 35min for the scooter to reach 80% charge from zero. The charger is provided along with the scooter.

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