Ather 450x electric scooter to be launched soon

Ather has announced its new scooter for 2020. It’s not all-new but based on the very popular Ather 450. The price of Ather 450x in India could be slightly more than Rs 1.24 lakh which is the on-road price for Ather 450. Pre-bookings are being shared only with those who have shown interest in the product previously. A source revealed to Autoalive that some codes are being emailed to these customers. Based on this, they get the first delivery of the Ather 450x. The commercial launch happens later this month.

The Ather 450 image has been used for reference

Wow! Have they ramped production for the Ather 450x electric scooter?

Production was claimed to have ramped a few days ago. Moreover, Ather has acquired land near Hosur for a new facility. This will ease off delivery pressure. Ather also plans to go pan-India with this product. Thus, the Ather 450x will be available to everyone by February for booking online. It is expected to have a range of 100 km, top speed closer to 90 kmph and various riding modes. The vehicle will look similar to the 450 but might have a different colour schemes and few racy looking bits. The AI will significantly be ramped up and the app too will have new additional features. A new colour is expected too. Given that the 450 is still available in only one colour, the 450x could be distinguished by this additional feature.
Ather is also looking for dealers in other states. There will be experience centres first where a customer can look as well as ride the scooter. Based on interest, they will take bookings and then deliver the product.

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