22Motors announce tie-up with Kymco Motors

22Motors which showcased and subsequently announced prices of their first electric scooter, the Flow, has surfaced again. The brand which was supposed to start sales of the Flow (Rs 74,490) in mid-2018, has pushed the date to early next year. 22Motors clarified that the delay was to add more viable as well as the latest technology. To this very effect, 22Motors has tied up with Kymco Motors from Taiwan.

22Motors announce tie-up with Kymco Motors

Kymco Motors, who?

Kymco is a well known Taiwanese electric scooter maker. The brand exports vehicles to China, Europe as well as the US. They also make conventional powered scooters for Kawasaki. Kymco has developed a unique IONEX technology batteries. These Lithium-ion batteries are swappable and the Kymco Many EV has three of them. The idea is that the main or core battery stays and if it’s running out of juice, the swappable battery can be brought into picture. Depending on the charging grids, one can just put the swappable battery back to the grid, get on with their chores and come back and pick another. The basic charging time will be an hour on the fast charger while the cost to the user will be around Rs 30/charge.

Initially the batteries will be imported but before launch, they will be produced here in India. The cost of the scooter includes the core and swappable battery as well as that of the regular charger.

22Motors, who?

It is a startup which will manufacture it’s vehicles from the Bhiwadi facility. The Flow is their first electric scooter. It boasts a 2.3kW battery that weighs five kilograms. The max power produced is 9.2PS and the torque is 90Nm. Yes, you read that right. It is a massive 90Nm. Almost the same as what your Alto K10 makes. The kerb weight of the scooter is around 100kg. It gets a digital instrument cluster, disc brakes at the front and rear, combined braking as well as alloy wheels. The seat looks generously padded. 22Motors has also given the scooter dual projector headlights and an LED taillight.

22Motors announce tie-up with Kymco Motors

The 22Motors Flow will go up against the significantly pricier Ather 450. The claimed range is 35km per battery and given that one can have three at a time, the range increases to around 200km.

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