20PS TVS NTorq SXR should be a real sizzler on the road

It’s a rarity if we find a proper 20PS 200cc (Hey Hero MotoCorp, all well?) motorcycle these days. TVS has gone ahead and built a race scooter which makes 20PS. Wow! The scooter in question is called the TVS NTorq SXR and as you guessed it,  is built on the NTorq 125’s platform.

The TVS NTorq SXR boasts 20PS+ and a top whack of 120kmph (Hello Hero). The 160cc engine is a 4-stroke unit and uses four valves. A free flow exhaust helps this automatic scooter with proper low as well as mid-range grunt. It gets knobby tyres shod on 12-inch wheels. The suspension too is a tad hard than what you can experience perhaps even on the Aprillia SR150. Why you may ask? Because the TVS NTorq is built to conquer rallies and not traffic GPs. It is a race-spec unit and built to take on the other scooters from Mahindra and Honda in the INRC 2018 held across India. Ohh TVS! Why don’t you put this into production already for the masses.

The road-going TVS NTorq 125 boasts around 10PS and a top speed of 95kmph. It has got a very usable meter console that pairs with the smartphone. TVS has hit the jackpot with this one as a few dealerships are already quoting a waiting period of 1-2 months depending on the colour selected. A 20PS scooter will make those waiting periods even longer. Could perhaps be one of the reasons why TVS ain’t making one for us then!

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