Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips: Sanitise helmet, wash gloves and more

Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips

With the Unlock phase 2.0 implemented, Royal Enfield is one of the first bike makers which has issued riding instructions to its customers. With the COVID-19 threat still on, it is but imperative that customers be warned and take every precautionary step. Through a series of cartoon strips, the Eicher Group-owned company is instructing customers on how to take care of themselves during a ride amongst other things. The Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips can be implemented by other motorcycle makers or riders as well. It though doesn’t specifically say what to do about sanitising the bike as a whole. Instead, the cartoon strips concentrate on getting the social distancing, wearing masks and all sorted. While we know everyone (including us) are just waiting for things to go normal, swing a leg and go on one long ride, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the precautions needed.

What are these Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips?

The Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips start with saying that sharing a helmet is not good. AutoAlive has always been against sharing helmets even before the pandemic and all our riders have their own riding gear. Now, it is a good reason to dissuade someone from riding if they aren’t carrying their riding gear.

The next cartoon tells one to remove your riding buff without it touching the eyes or nose. If needed, one can stretch it a bit whilst removing it over your head and wearing. AutoAlive feels that a buff isn’t part of the essential riding gear and hence can be avoided altogether. Moreover, RE recommends one keep their shades on all the time while riding. In a full-faced helmet (recommended), one doesn’t need cooling glasses and hence even this can be eliminated.

Royal Enfield COVID-19 riding tips also mentions on how the gloves have to be removed using hands and not by teeth. Many riders, if they are wearing ill-fitting gloves, remove them by pulling with teeth. This is bad practice and can transmit germs from hand to mouth very quickly. Keeping a sanitiser bottle in your pant pockets or riding bag is recommended as well. Use this sanitiser bottle before and after using the gloves.

RE says that one needs to wash their riding gear in warm water after the ride. This means putting your bandana in warm water for 10 minutes and then gently rinsing it. If your helmet comes with removable cheek pads, put them in warm water soap solution. This will help remove the germs and even sweat. Giving the helmet an outer wash wouldn’t hurt as well. Even the gloves can be dipped in warm water but checking with the maker on washing procedure will be ideal.

Always dry the riding gear inside the house or where there is moderate sun. If you have one of those money plants at your place, usually dry the riding gear there. Riding gear should never be dried under direct sunlight.

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