Lohia electric sportsbike is on its way; says CEO Ayush Lohia

LohiaLohia Auto Industries is a known player in the auto rickshaw as well as electric vehicle segment in India. This company has a varied history. If the company name doesn’t strike a chord, how about LML? The erstwhile scooter maker was part of a partnership between Piaggio and Lohia Auto. The brand sold both scooters and motorcycles for less than a decade from now. However, bankruptcy and other issues forced the company to shut their operations. Lohia Auto though continued separately from its Kashipur plant and has been steadily rising up the charts. Though not a mainstream motorcycle player at the moment, the company intends to have more outlets and products in the market. We caught up with Ayush Lohia, CEO of Lohia Auto Industries for a tete-a-tete.


1) How does the company sustain given that its product reach is restricted to a few places in India

AL: We intend to grow our market in the existing states where we are present we want to have a deeper penetration to open more dealers with a new innovative product and scheme.

2) Where is the funding for the company coming from?

AL: Company is being supported by the parent company, internal accruals and also gets support from group companies.

3) Any tie-up plans with existing big players or someone who is looking to enter the country?

AL: Yes, we are in touch with companies who have good technologies in electric vehicle segment and want to join the bandwagon of electric vehicles in India.

4) Are all the technologies that go into the electric rickshaw or two wheeler developed in-house or sourced? If sourced, from where?

AL:  As far as e-rickshaw is concerned, most of the product is developed and manufactured in India. In two wheeler, we have mix sourcing and technology as we import few of the components like motor and controller from outside India but e-rickshaw is completely made in India.

5) What are the dealership expansion plans?

AL:  As far as the dealership expansion plan is concerned we want to reach 150 dealers by the end of this year.

6) When can we see innovative new products from Lohia Auto? May be something like an electric sports bike

AL:  We are working on a sports bike already and this product is under development.  As you are aware that the gestation period in automotive industry’s very high and we need to be sure about the product we launch. So, our R & D team is working on the same, once we are ready with the product you will come to know.

7) Does Lohia Auto export at the moment? If so, which countries and the numbers please

AL:  Yes, we do export to nearby countries.  We have already started doing Nepal and we will be opening market soon in Bangladesh and South Africa specially Madagascar and Nigeria.




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