Kerala businessman Mercedes-Benz GLE gets impounded post roadshow

Kerala businessman arrested for flouting COVID-19 rules

Money can buy you many things but not common sense. This was amply demonstrated by a Kerala businessman who brought a new Mercedes-Benz GLE. Roy Kurian from Kothamangalam, Ernakulam, though couldn’t get his car registered on time due to the lockdown. However, this didn’t stop him from celebrating the new car. If you though Roy was someone new to the world of luxury, you’re mistaken. Roy owns a granite business. He has to his credit several new luxury cars and the GLE was the latest addition. Roy immediately set out to Idukki dam to celebrate his new car. However, the Kerala businessman sat on the roof of his car. he also waved to onlookers, even giving a salute to a passing police jeep. Kerala has very strict COVID-19 policies and it is clear why Roy was booked. Violation!

What all was this Kerala businessman booked for?

Roy Kurian was videographed doing all this. Plus his entourage of seven BharatBenz trucks followed him. Roy threw caution to the wind as during COVID-19, in lockdown in Kerala, people aren’t supposed to venture out. He was also penalised for sitting on top of the car while it was in motion. The police didn’t stop at this and has confiscated all the vehicles involved. Just last month, this Kerala businessman was booked for flouting COVID-19 rules by organising a dance party. This was attended by Russian dancers as well as more than 200 people – clearly not following social distancing. The party was for his newly procured crusher unit. It seems even that was illegal.

Well, at present the new GLE is languishing at the police station. Roy, it is believed, is in no hurry to get his beloved possession back. The aura of money is perhaps too much and we might seem him get another one of these luxury SUVs soon.

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