Kent CamEye dashcam: Should you buy one?

While a relatively new concept for those born in the 80s and 90s, dashcams are slowly becoming the rage in India. A quick search on Youtube will show you some very funny Russian videos that deal with driver as well as nature idiosyncrasies. While in Russia, dashcams help with insurance, there involvement here is a question. So, majorly dashcams are used to record any accident incidences or if any damage occurs to the vehicle while driving. Kent, which has been widely regarded for their RO products had entered the auto accessories section in 2016. The company has now introduced its Kent CamEye dashcam and we have got a unit for review. Let’s see what all it brings.

Kent CamEye dashcam availability and price

You can go directly to Kent’s website and book one or head over to The product is priced at Rs 17,999 and three months worth of free subscription to the e-SIM is part of the package. Post the three month period, the e-SIM connectivity charges will amount to Rs 600/month. Unfortunately, we weren’t given the Kent CamEye dashcam box and hence are unsure what comes with it. It is safe to say that there will be the dashcam, mounts and a USB cable.

Is the installation easy?

Yes, it is. There is an online manual available through which one can assemble the device in less than five minutes and attach it to the inside of the front/rear windshield. The USB charger also comes with few hooks that help conceal the wire from the line of sight of driver/co-passenger. The device can be turned on using a button and the user has to download the CamEye app from AppStore or PlayStore. More than one user can download the app and keep a track. The QR code located beneath the device needs to be scanned. This in turn activates the app and primes it ready for action. However, installing all the updates and to actually begin using the Kent CamEye dashcam, you got to wait for at least an hour.

Kent CamEye dashcam

If the device battery is low, you have to plug it into a power source. A green light will start blinking and then turn into a static bright green. This indicates that the device has started recording.

Does it actually work in real life?

Ohh, yes! The device boasts a 720p two way camera. This means you can record both what’s happening on the outside as well as inside. The details will be shown in the app. It also includes one-way video calling (the one who has the app installed can call the driver of the car and also see inside the car while the latter cannot see but can talk). There is also geo-fencing, speed alerts as well as a full trip information available. It even photographs the driver each time it detects that there has been a change in driver. The app user will also be informed if the car is stationary and the AC is on. What’s more, it also detects if the sound inside the cabin is unusually loud too and alerts the user.

Kent CamEye dashcam

To save battery, the camera goes into hibernation mode once the car is parked. You cannot switch off the camera though but there is a stealth mode through which you can prevent yourself from getting photographed. Only once did we not receive any feed because the car was parked in a poor network connectivity place. The GPS tracker though gave us the exact position of the vehicle. Even if someone were to keep a cover or hand over the camera lens, the app user will be notified. All this recorded data is uploaded onto a secure cloud storage, the price of which is added in the monthly subscription

Will you recommend the Kent CamEye dashcam?

Kent CamEye

If you own a few school buses or have a fleet of cars, this one is the best there in the field right now. It easily surpasses the capabilities of a GPS tracker as well as dashcams and in fact combines both with its intelligent package. At the asking price of Rs 18,000, it is a bit steep for individual users though. Kent’s helpline is prompt, well-informed and quick to respond as well, an icing on the cake.


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