Hyundai showroom appoints stray dog as sales person

Hyundai stray dog

No, that headline isn’t just for the kicks. It has actually happened. A Hyundai dealership in Brazil appointed a dog as its “paws”ffesional salesman. The stray dog, Tucson Prime (what a name!), was a puppy when it used to stare into the showroom. The kind staff at the Hyundai dealership let the stray in and gave it food. Thereafter the dog made the showroom its home. It used to eat and sleep inside the showroom. The staff grew so attached to the canine that it started allowing it to welcome customers. As we are aware when a customer walks into a showroom, the atmosphere is quite tense and unknown. Having a dog wag its tail and welcome you is a sure shot method of putting one at ease. Scroll down to see what we mean here.

Why is this Hyundai showroom stray dog going viral?

One chance at seeing humanity during this pandemic and it has to go viral. Tucson Prime has got an ID card made for him. Not only this, the showroom at Description Serra in Espirito Santo, Brazil also displays the dog’s ID card on his person. This dog is over a year old but has been instated as an employee this May. Currently, the staff have made an Instagram account for Tucson Prime and the stray dog has got more than 30,000 followers on the photo sharing platform. Few photos show Tucson Prime asking for his favourite belly rubs, attending meetings and what not.

Hyundai stray dog


Hyundai stray dog

Brazil isn’t new to such kind of cultures. It is being said that a stray kitten, during a storm, walked into the Order of Attorneys Building. The staff welcomed it and was given an ID card as well as hired. Such is the love for animals in this country. Will we see something like this in India?

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