Honda Civic, CR-V discontinued, Greater Noida plant production shut: What’s up?

When news came in that Honda is finally going to relaunch the Civic, there was an air of excitement. The car has had a fair run but now production has been stopped. Not only was the demand waning but also the cost of production was high. Precisely why both the Honda CR-V as well as the Civic are cars that are no longer a part of the fleet. Honda has not only removed these cars but has also stopped their production in India. This happens barely three two years after the models were introduced. The Honda plant in Greater Noida has also been shut down for production. It though remains open for office activities as well as R&D. Honda has moved production to its Tapukara plant now.

2019 Honda Civic

Why did they shut production at Greater Noida?

The Greater Noida plant had assembly lines for big as well as small cars. However, the Tapukara unit only has space for small and medium cars. Hence the Honda WR-V, Amaze, City as well as Jazz will be made here. With sales at less than 7,000 units a month, it is hard to justify new investment. At the same time, most of Honda products either are too expensive or not tailored to Indian tastes (read devoid of features). The age-old diesel as well as petrol engines are still being continued.

What Honda needs right now is a sub-4m SUV with features from the City and priced lower than it. This formula with both petrol and diesel engines will definitely work. The design too could be an important factor. On the flip side, right now you can go ahead and buy a new Honda Civic or CR-V for much less. Your bargaining skills can also play a major factor here. The future though looks a bit bleak for Honda Car India. With lower sales and waning demand, the writing could be on the wall. How they bounce back from this is something that might just become one of the greatest revival stories in India.

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