Hero Destini 125 scooter: Things you will like and things you won’t

Hero Destini 125 scooter was one rabbit out of the hat thing that Hero MotoCorp did. The scooter was never showcased before and Hero was quietly developing the new 125cc engine as well. Now, it has been launched at Rs 55,550 for the LX and Rs 58,800 for the VX, ex-Mumbai. We’ve road tested the scooter and have gleaned important information on whether you should buy it or not. Here are the good and bad bits about the scooter.

Good bits about the Hero Destini 125 scooter

Hero Destini 125 scooter

  1. The styling for sure is inoffensive and will blend in with the millions of Activas and Jupiters moving around. In essence, no one will likely mess with your scooter in a parking lot the way they would to an Aprilia SR series scooter or even the Burgman. It is also not flashy as well. Will work well with the middle-aged buyer too.
  2. The engine of the Hero Destini 125 scooter has lots of torque lower down as well as in the mid-range. Even two-up riding isn’t a chore with this scooter. It pulls cleanly and is refined as well for the most part.
  3. i3S is a novelty in scooters and the Destini is the first one to have it too. We liked the seamless fashion it works and also appreciate Hero’s contribution to lowering emissions and increasing efficiency in the process too.
  4. The meters are sans any gimmick and it is quite legible to read even in broad daylight. A wide departure from the units of the Grazia and the NTorq.
  5. We liked the ride and handling package of this scooter. It is pretty much sorted for most of the riders.
  6. It is metal bodied. Most of the buyers today prefer this instead of plastic as the latter is costlier to replace.
Not-so good bits about the Hero Destini 125 scooter

Hero Destini 125 scooter

  1. The design will not appeal to college going folks. You want to have some pomp in college and the Destini isn’t really a show-off object.
  2. The brakes lack feel and since there is no disc option as well, it is a let down. Hero says that there are less takers for disc brake equipped scooters in this segment. They may be right, however the current drum set up lacks bite and feel.
  3. In spite of having i3S, there is no significant rise in the efficiency bit. The scooter is still less efficient than the Burgman Street. It however is at par with the NTorq.
  4. Features is what pushes for more sales. Except for i3S, the Destini has nothing great to offer. Almost half of the folks using the scooter will have no idea how to work it as well.


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