Electric scooter or motorcycle maintenance tips during Covid-19 lockdown

The lockdown was much needed but who will explain it to inanimate objects like a car or motorcycle for example. While the vehicles will definitely work fine once the lockdown is over, nonetheless India is moving towards electric vehicles. In this lockdown, we tell you how to take care of your electric two-wheelers.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will ensure that the vehicle will heat up more than necessary. This will cause the battery temperature to go beyond a certain amount, thereby increasing possibility of a fire. Use a protective two-wheeler cover if possible or park under a parapet shade. Do check on the vehicle occasionally.
Store batteries safely
Most of the electric two-wheelers these days come with a removable or swappable battery. Kindly ensure that you keep them in a cool dark room. The batteries should not be placed close to each other as well. For those having a Li-ion battery electric two-wheeler, ensure that the battery has 30-40 per cent charge and then store it at less than 40-degree temperature. If it’s non swappable, park the bike in a covered place.
Electric scooter motorcycle

Switch off the MCB

All electric vehicles come with an MCB. This needs to be turned off during long storage times. Applies to both lead-acid and lithium-ion units. Overloading or short circuits can be prevented by this method.

Battery charge

Battery charge levels deplete when one isn’t using the product for a long time. Even your cellphone loses charge though it’s not been used. As discussed above, lithium-ion units need to be partially charged while a lead-acid unit has to be completely charged before storage.
In addition to all this, one has to make sure that they wash the vehicle and properly clean it to avoid muck getting settled on the vehicle. Ensure that all wet parts are properly wiped before putting on the parking cover. As much as you all want this phase to be over, we do too. For the time being, sit tight and stay safe.
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