Daily Rider: Benelli TRK 502 in India

What’s the use of all the power in the world if you cannot use it in an everyday basis? Well, you end up using your vehicle as a showcase item. Our Daily Rider series has been started to show if a particular motorcycle which coincidentally will also be a sportsbike or a superbike, can be used on a day-to-day basis. This time around, it is the Benelli TRK 502. A new motorcycle, this one has lots of our readers asking questions. So, we have tried to solve most of them here through our Daily Rider series. If you haven’t, you need to check our previous Daily Rider, the Suzuki GSX-S750 story.
This was right after the first pit stop with the Benelli TRK 502. Initially, you need to understand that riding this bike needs certain physical characteristics
These LED blinkers are really sharp and can be seen from quite some distance
The 5V charging socket is standard equipment on the TRK 502 and X
Speaking of standard, the huge carrier too is available on both the motorcycles
The LED DRLs look really good but we wish the headlight beam too had LED strips instead of the regular bulb
Dual discs along with switchable ABS have been provided in the TRK 502. The brakes have ample stopping power, however at high speeds it is recommended to get in engine braking to maximise the effect
These mirrors may look small but they are quite functional. They remain vibe free most of the time
THe instrument cluster is simple and you will get used to it pretty much quickly as the neighbor’s Splendor
The switchgear on the Benelli is functional but they aren’t backlit
The Benelli key continues unchanged from years and is a foldable unit
The TRK 502 gets an underslung exhaust while the X, for better wading capabilities, gets it right next to the pillion seat
The ABS is switchable, however we wouldn’t recommend doing it. A long press at idle disables the ABS on the rear wheel. Simply restarting the motorcycle will get the sensors to start working on the rear wheel too
The rear disc brake is practically useless and feels dead too
The seats on this Benelli are well padded and long stints in the saddle will not cause a sore bum for the pillion and rider
The tail light is an LED unit but could have been executed in a bit more fashionable way
That this Benelli casts a very good impression is evident from this picture
Part of the hardware includes non-adjustable 51mm front upside down forks. These are tuned to be a bit on the harder side
The rear monoshock is pre-load adjustable and provides a pliant ride quality. This continues even with two-up riding, making it the ideal ingredient for long distance touring
The parallel twin cylinder engine displaces 500cc. It is liquid-cooled and barely will you feel the heat on the knees. This is even in dense traffic. The engine produces 47.5PS of power and 46Nm. This power is more than enough while travelling in the city. However, out on the highway, you do feel the need for a bit more power. Especially while cruising.
This Benelli is a heavy motorcycle. However, provided the right skills or entry-level like mine, you can attempt these on the motorcycle.
All in all, at Rs 6.13 lakh, on-road Mumbai, the TRK 502 is immense value for money offering. There is a five year warranty as well as roadside assistance for three years. Service costs will be around Rs 6,000 for every 5k km service interval
Images by Lijo Mathai and Sushil Jaiswal

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