Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas spec comparison

To be very honest, we never thought Mahindra will come up with something to go against the might of the Toyota Fortuner. Their previous attempt at introducing the SsangYong brand and the Rexton failed. The buyer interest though was there. So it seems prudent that Mahindra brings in something of that size to the fight. In comes the new Mahindra Alturas G4. Based on the SsangYong Rexton, the Alturas is the Mahindra version. It has the size, power and goodies to take it up to the segment leader. Let’s see how the Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas pans out in this specification comparison.

Features (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

When you shop for an SUV and of this size, not only the brand but also the features should be boast worthy. We all know that the Toyota brand indeed scores big on the brand recall but is a bit lacking in terms of outright show off features. Mahindra in the meanwhile is known to cram is vehicles with features while the brand recall in the top spectrum isn’t much.

In terms of safety features, the Mahindra Alturas boasts nine airbags while the Fortuner makes do with seven. Both the vehicles get rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD but the Alturas offers a 360 degree surround view camera, front parking sensors and roll over mitigation.  The Fortuner only has a rear view camera. In terms of creature comforts, the Fortuner gets a single zone AC while Alturas has tri-zone. Other unique features in the Alturas include an electric sunroof, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay music system, ventilated front seats and heated mirrors. All these aren’t available in the Fortuner. What the Fortuner brings to the table includes an electrically adjustable co-driver’s seat. Alturas in the meanwhile has a memory-enabled electrically adjustable driver’s seat.

Price (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

Mahindra offers the Alturas in two trims – 4×2 AT and 4×4 AT. In the meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner comes in foru trims with the diesel and two with the petrol engine. Since the Alturas is available as of now only with a diesel, we will concentrate on the same. The Mahindra Alturas 4×4 AT on-road price in Delhi is Rs 37.07 lakh. The Fortuner 4×4 automatic on-road price in Delhi is Rs 41 lakh.


Engine and transmission (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

As discussed before, one can order the Alturas only in diesel. The Alturas’ engine is smaller than the Fortuner’s (2.2-litre compared to 2.8-litre) but the Mahindra still makes 7PS more power. That being said, the  Fortuner makes 30Nm more torque (420Nm of Alturas vs 450Nm of Fortuner). While you can buy the Fortuner with a 6-speed manual, the Alturas comes with a 7-speed AT only. Mention must be made of the Alturas’ engine smoothness while the Fortuner’s engine sounds crude. Toyota offers paddle shifters behind the wheel and if one likes to row their own gear in an automatic, the Fortuner is the better option. Efficiency wise, the Fortuner diesel AT should return around 14kmpl overall and so should the Alturas.


Handling and ride comfort (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

Both the SUVs here are based on a ladder frame chassis and this explains their near two tonne weight as well as higher centre of gravity. As can be expected, there is body roll while cornering.  Since ladder frame chassis vehicles are designed to carry load, engineers had to make the suspension rebound a tad harder. Due to this reason, an unladen Alturas or Fortuner will be a tad bouncy over rough roads. Load them up and the SUVs display immense poise. Driving the Fortuner can be a tad tiring given its dimensions, weight and the heavy steering, The Alturas in the meanwhile seems a bit lighter in comparison.

The Alturas rolls a tad more in corners than the Fortuner though. The plus point of these SUVs is good all around visibility as well as go-anywhere capability.


Cabin space and comfort (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

The Alturas is  not only longer but also wider than the Fortuner. Space in the cabin is nearly the same for both SUVs. Five passengers can easily stretch out and sit in both the SUVs. These are seven seaters just for namesake , the third row will seat kids. Adults can sit there but there is a lack of head as well as kneeroom. The best option then is to fold these seats and use the space for luggage. The cabin quality of Mahindra seems better and the Alturas G4 also has a better appointed interior. Quality wise, the Fortuner and Alturas seem at par.

Reliability (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

While there is hardly much to distinguish these vehicles, one important aspect separates both. That is reliability. Toyota has proved its worth world over for reliability. On the other hand the Alturas is the new generation Rexton. In terms of reliability, the Fortuner will beat it hands down. Moreover, Mahindra’s service centres may not be so adept at servicing the Alturas, an aspect experienced by the previous Rexton owners. Toyota owns reliability and it can be safely said that the Fortuner will command a much better resale value.


Verdict (Toyota Fortuner vs Mahindra Alturas)

The Alturas G4 plays the features as well as “new” game here. It is not only priced lower than the Fortuner but also makes more power. The powertrain is also better.  The Fortuner is not specced badly either. You do get all the features that can be used on a daily basis in the Fortuner. All things being considered, the Alturas may be a good SUV but it still cannot hold a candle to the Fortuner in India. We have picked the Fortuner as the winner of this spec comparison test.

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