Renault Duster turbo vs Kia Seltos petrol automatic comparison


Renault sprung a surprise by getting in the Duster with a turbo petrol engine. The long in tooth, yet very capable SUV was given a fresh lease of life with this update. The feature list got a bit bigger, there is also the fact that is distinguishes itself from the rest of Dusters with red tinges and bigger 17-inch alloys. While the diesel was discontinued earlier this year, this more powerful and decently efficient petrol is here to replace it. But ever since the Renault Duster first set foot here, the competition has become intense. The most sold SUV and one with the best features happens to be the Kia Seltos. There is also a turbo variant there.

This turbo petrol in the Kia makes lower power and torque than the Duster but has a far superior 7-speed DCT. However, the latter is known to have heating issues in our climate. Kia is the modern product here but the Duster’s reliability is an undaunted affair. Ventilated seats, a longer warranty, sunroof and other features will definitely be the buybait here. However, you pay Rs 3 lakh more as well. Our choice and if you want a performance SUV in this segment, will be the Duster turbo petrol. Easier to maintain as well as get spare parts for.



Duster Turbo
Engine Specification
Number of cylindersInline four-cylinder petrolInline four-cylinder petrol
Max Power156PS140PS
Max torque254Nm242Nm
TransmissionCVT7-speed automatic
Valvetrain4 valves/cylinder4 valves/cylinder
Power to weightNANA
L (mm)
W (mm)
H (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)2,6732,610
Boot Space (I)475433
Ground Clearance (m)205190
Fuel tank capacity (litres)5050
Kerb weight (kg)NANA
FrontIndependent McPherson
strut with coil spring
McPherson strut with
coil spring
RearTrailing arm with
coil springs and
double acting
shock absorber
Coupled torsion
beam axle
Front215/60 R17215/60 R17
Rear215/60 R17215/60 R17
Fuel Efficiency
Mfg Claim (kmpl)16.4216.5
Price (ex-Mumbai)13.59 lakh16.39 lakh


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